Steering / Suspension / Drivetrain Systems

Have you noticed uneven tire wear? Maybe an off-center steering wheel when driving? Swaying, drifting, pulling, or difficult steering? How about vibrations, shuddering or a rough and bouncy ride? Any of these symptoms may indicate the need for service or repairs to your vehicle’s steering and suspension system. The suspension and steering system is responsible for keeping your tires in constant contact with the road surface and providing you the controls to make the necessary adjustments to changing driving conditions. At Almeidas Auto Repair, we have ASE certified technicians who will perform a professional inspection of the system, providing you with a complete analysis of the current conditions and a repair cost estimate.

Almeidas Auto Repair Steering, Suspension and Drivetrain Services:
  • Thorough visual inspection.
  • Road test to confirm concerns.
  • Component testing for proper function as per design.
  • Complete under car service and repair, including but not limited to: ball joints, tie-rod, bushing, steering joints, axle repair/replacement, ring and pinion replacement, transmission repair, and transfer case service.
Steering Suspension and Drivetrain Warnings:
  • Uneven tire wear.
  • Rough or harsh suspension when driving.
  • Excessive bouncing when driving.
  • Clunking at take-off or stopping.
  • Shuddering under acceleration.
  • Whining under acceleration or deceleration.
  • Popping while turning or shifting gears.