Oil Change & Filter Inspection

Regular oil changes are critical to your engine’s long-term performance and efficiency. Modern oils are more than just lubricants; they can also reduce damaging buildup, improving and maintaining your engine’s function over time. Don’t be one of the many drivers who ignore this crucial aspect of responsible car maintenance: Get performance and peace of mind from the South Shore’s most trusted specialists in automotive care.

We’ll check and replace your oil filter, check or replace your washer fluids, and send you home with an oil change that meets or tops industry specifications. While you’re here, we’ll also give your car a comprehensive multi-point inspection and tire pressure check to help you stay on top of your car’s condition between oil changes.

Almeidas Auto Repair Oil Change and Filter Inspection Service, serving Hanover & South Shore of MA
The Right Oil

We can’t overstate the importance of routine maintenance, but we also want you to have the right oil. Our knowledgeable technicians will suggest the best oils most suited to the make and model of your car, but all of the brands we sell meet our exacting factory standards.

Stop by Almeidas Auto Repair for a convenient checkup today.

Almeidas Auto Repair Oil Change Services Include:
  • Multi-point inspection.
  • Changing engine oil and filter: refilling with engine oil that meets or exceeds factory specifications.
  • Checking the air filter.
  • Checking all fluids under the hood, and topping off washer fluid. We do not “top-off” critical vehicle fluids, as a low fluid condition is an indication that the system needs attention.
  • Checking tire condition and pressures.


Use our coupon on your next Almeidas Auto Repair oil change where we use factory recommended oil and parts. Our ASE Certified technicians will have your oil change service done quickly and correctly.