Fuel Injector Cleaning & Fuel Pump Service

A significant reduction in fuel mileage or noticeable change in a vehicle’s performance may indicate that the vehicle’s fuel injection system needs to be checked and cleaned. The problem may lie in other parts of the fuel system or other parts of the engine, but fuel injectors are usually the first part a technician inspects.

How Do These Problems Occur?

Carbon deposits build up in a vehicle’s fuel system over time, causing clogs and uneven flow of fuel. If the fuel injectors become clogged the combustion chambers will have insufficient fuel to fire properly, resulting in engine hesitation and other performance problems. Deposits also form on the throttle body and in the intake manifold, as well as in the catalytic converter. This accumulation of carbon and sludge can cause a drastic drop in both fuel economy and performance.

The Truth Behind Fuel Additives

Fuel additives are not a solution to clogged fuel injectors. They may help a vehicle improve its performance and mileage temporarily, but cannot remove all of the carbon deposits in other parts of the fuel system. These deposits can loosen and then move through the fuel lines and create new clogs in the fuel injectors. Fuel additive products may claim that it can work wonders on your system, but vehicle owners need to know that manufacturers of fuel additives cannot live up to such claims. The cost of continually adding fuel additives into a vehicle’s gas tank will quickly exceed the cost of a fuel injection system service.

The Real Solution

An adequate solution to the problem requires specific solvents, the right equipment and a trained and certified technician. A full fuel injection service involves cleaning carbon deposits from the vehicle’s catalytic converter, throttle body, valves and injectors. If the carbon deposits are severe enough the injectors may need to be removed and reconditioned. The technicians at Almeidas Auto Repair are fully trained on performing an analysis of a vehicle’s fuel injection system. They have experience in diagnosing fuel system problems and much more. They are also familiar with the fuel injection systems of many makes and models.

Let Almeidas Auto Repair Technicians Analyze Your Vehicle Today

Almeidas Auto Repair technicians are here for you to analyze, diagnose and fix what is necessary with your vehicle. Call us today at any of our Austin area locations to restore your vehicle to peak performance so you can achieve optimal gas mileage as quickly as possible and at a reasonable cost.

Almeidas Auto Repair Fuel Injection System Services:
  • Visual inspection of fuel leaks around injectors, if applicable.
  • Fuel pressure bleed-down testing.
  • Injector contribution testing, if applicable.
  • Complete repair/replacement of injectors, regulated components, filters, and fuel pumps.
Fuel System Warning Signs:
  • Your vehicle is hesitating.
  • Your vehicle is having trouble starting.
  • Your vehicle is achieving poor gas mileage.
  • Your vehicle is operating sluggish with poor performance.