Engine Cooling System & Radiator Repair

A cooling system failure is the number one reason for automotive breakdown on our nationís highways. Unlike a flat tire, you canít stop and put on a spare. Engine coolant protects your engine from freezing or overheating and lubricates coolant system components, but its effectiveness can diminish over time. Rubber hoses and belts that deliver the coolant break down with heat and cold. Almeidas Auto Repair ASE certified technicians will properly diagnose and recommend maintenance that keeps you on the road with a reliable engine cooling system!

How Your Vehicle Prevents Overheating

To prevent engine overheating, cars are designed with a cooling system. Almost all vehicles on the road have water-cooled engines, which is a mixture of water and specially-formulated coolant to dissipate heat from the engine. The coolant is also known as antifreeze. The antifreeze prevents the water from freezing and expanding in low temperatures when a vehicle is not running, which would also prevents damage to the engine. The coolant circulates through channels in the engine block and is pumped to the cooling system radiator. The cooling system radiator dissipates the heat from the engine into the air.

The Engine Experts

The ASE certified technicians of Almeidas Auto Repair understand that proper vehicle maintenance requires attention to a vehicleís cooling system radiator as well as other components of the cooling system. They will perform a flush radiator service as often as a vehicle manufacturer recommends, usually every two or three years. They will accurately diagnose problems and recommend repair or replacement of a radiator if necessary, but can also determine if a problem can be solved by replacing the radiator cap or hoses. Hoses that lead from the engine block to the radiator can become worn or brittle from extreme heat and cold and crack. The radiator cap and its seal are also exposed to heat and cold as well as extreme pressure. The technicians at Almeidas Auto Repair can tell whether leakage from a cooling system radiator requires an overhaul or replacement of the radiator or if the problem can be quickly resolved with a new radiator cap.

We Are Right In Your Neighborhood

Almeidas Auto Repair can help with your engine coolant system. We can help you with any vehicle problems and keep up with your regular vehicle maintenance by replacing belts and hoses and performing a flush radiator service every other year. Call Almeidas Auto Repair for a vehicle check up today.

Almeidas Auto Repair Engine Cooling System Service:
  • A visual check of the cooling system for indications of leaks or oil content.
  • Pressure check the cooling system and radiator cap for external leaks, with filler cap and neck adapter and tester.
  • Check crankcase oil and automatic transmission fluid for water contamination and levels.
  • Test coolant thermostat with radiator thermometer.
  • Check temperature gauge for accuracy.
  • Clean foreign matter from radiator fins (if needed).
  • Check fan blades and pulleys for alignment and damage.
  • External inspection of all hoses for cracks, swelling, brittleness and deterioration.
  • Check engine core plugs (where possible).
  • Check condition and tension of drive belts.
  • Perform engine coolant fluid service, including powered flush as approved.
Engine Cooling System Warnings:
  • Your vehicle overheats.
  • Your coolant light comes on.
  • Your temperature gauges reads higher or lower than normal.
  • Your heater does not work.
  • Your engine runs poorly or uses excess fuel.
  • You smell antifreeze (sweet, moist smell).