Automobile Brake Repair and Braking System Service

Thereís rarely a convenient time to discover that your brakes have failed or are failing because of one or more of these parts. If youíve noticed warning signals such as squealing sounds, longer stopping times, a stubborn brake pedal, leaks, or an illuminated brake light, now is the time to repair your vehicle. More importantly, fixing your brakes will guard your safety and the safety of your passengers.

Brake Service

Sometimes you need more than just groaning brakes to get the big picture on your carís needs. A closer look could reveal filthy fluids, overheated wheels, or other telltale signs that your brake system may be headed for a shutdown. At Almeidas Auto Repair, our technicians are trained and determined to detect these symptoms. You donít have to know what a brake caliper does to know when your carís not stopping properly, but you can leave those technical details to us. The professionals at Almeidas Auto Repair are here to make sure your car stays running safely and efficiently, and we provide the most thorough and comprehensive brake service available in Bostonís greater South Shore area. Stop in for a brakes check, and weíll provide a full diagnostic analysis and an estimate.

Our experienced technicians can flush and replace your brake fluids, replace brake pads or brake shoes, and take a closer look at your carís drums and rotors. If you like, weíll even test drive your vehicle on the road to guarantee itís safe enough for you to drive home. If you require replacement parts, know that every brake part and piece we order for your car comes with a full satisfaction guarantee provided by the professionals of Hanoverís own Almeidas Auto Repair.

Donít Delay On Brake Repair

Donít wait for a disaster on the road. Listen to your car, follow your instincts, and know when to get professional help. You may never think twice about your brake pads until itís too late, or what a brake caliper really is until after you Googled it, but itíll be painfully obvious when those important components truly fail. Donít let that happen. Trust Hanoverís top brake repair specialists with your carís brake system, check up when scheduled, and earn your peace of mind at an affordable price. Call Almeidas Auto Repair today at 781-826-0081 to schedule a vehicle checkup.

Almeidas Auto Repair Brake and Brake System Service:
  • Replace rotors or drums as applicable.
  • Install replacement pads or shoes.
  • Brake fluid service including flush as approved.
  • Anti-lock Brake System diagnosis and repair.
  • Road test vehicles.
Brake and Brake System Warnings:
  • Brake warning light comes on.
  • High-pitched squeal when applying brakes.
  • Your car pulls to one side when braking instead of stopping in a straight line.
  • When applied, your brakes grab, causing jerky stops.
  • Brakes grind with continuous loud metallic noise when applied.
  • Brake pedal is either mushy or very hard to depress.
  • Brakes must be pumped to work properly.
  • Wheel(s) are excessively hot after short drives.
  • Brake fluid leaks are seen around any wheel or in engine compartment, near master cylinder location.
  • Brake fluid very low or looks very dirty.