Automobile Battery Testing & Vehicle Electrical System Check

Itís never wise to ignore your carís built-in signals, but itís foolhardy to disregard signs of car battery problems. Youíre not going anywhere without your battery, and a dead battery could be an indicator of a larger electrical issue. Guarantee peak performance with a battery test or car battery replacement at Almeidas Auto Repair.

Battery problems arenít always as obvious as a car that wonít start. If youíre having difficulty cranking your engine, see warning lights, notice a difference in the appearance of the regular lights on your dashboard, or suspect other electrical problems, make time for a checkup to avoid a roadside emergency.

Battery and Starter Services

All cars owe their performance to the delicate balance of intricate electrical systems, and car batteries are just one piece of the puzzle. Our technicians specialize in diagnosing common engine electrical system problems that might be responsible for instabilities in your carís function and handling.

If you suspect that your battery is the problem, youíre in the right place. Weíll give you a full battery test and a detailed analysis to determine the condition of your battery and its ability to maintain a charge, and weíll inspect your starter, voltage regulator and alternator to ensure longer battery life. Weíll also examine your alternator belt; loose alternator belts are common culprits in premature battery discharge.

Over time, car batteries and cable connections can be damaged by grime and corrosion. Our services include cleaning and anti-corrosion applications, but if you need a car battery replacement, count on a professional installation and expert advice on recommended routine maintenance.

Experts in Car Batteries

Thereís never a convenient time for a dead battery. Start with our battery test, and trust our professionals with your car battery replacement. Visit Almeidas Auto Repair to keep your carís electrical system working for you.

Almeidas Auto Repair Battery, Charging & Starting Services:
  • A full analysis of your battery’s condition, including its state of charge and ability to hold a charge.
  • An inspection and analysis of the vehicle’s starting and charging system, including the starter, the alternator and the voltage regulator to ensure proper charging to maximize the life of the battery.
  • An inspection of and adjustment of the alternator belt if necessary (a loose alternator belt can cause your battery to discharge prematurely).
  • A cleaning of the batteries connection and cable ends, as well as an application of corrosion protection if approved.
  • Professional battery installation, including cleaning the battery tray and cable ends to ensure good, clean connections.
Battery and Charging/Starting System Warnings:
  • Flickering lights on dash or headlights.
  • Electrical components not working properly.
  • Battery warning light on dash.
  • No start, long crank time when starting.