Automobile Air Conditioning, Ventilation, & Heating Repair

No system on a vehicle can get you, literally, “hot under the collar” faster than an ineffective air conditioner! In addition to providing you control of the climate inside your car, truck or SUV, many Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems provide particulate filtered air to all passengers. These high-pressure, refrigerant filled, systems require certified technicians to properly diagnose, evacuate and recharge in order to be in compliance with Federal laws. Almeidas Auto Repair uses EPA approved equipment to properly service and handle the materials in your vehicle’s HVAC system. We offer complete air conditioning diagnostic service and provide premium repair packages, using environmentally friendly refrigerant and quality components.

Almeidas Auto Repair HVAC System Services:
  • Inspect system for leaks (hoses, couplings, valves, evaporator, etc.).
  • Recover any old refrigerant.
  • Evacuate the system.
  • Inspect and adjust drive belt tension.
  • Clean condenser fins if needed.
  • Test compressor operation.
  • Fill with system required amount of refrigerant (refrigerant extra).
  • Pressure test and check for leaks.
  • Check output temperature.,
  • Check proper operations of controls, blower motor, cooling fan (engine).
  • Check antifreeze (engine coolant).
HVAC System Warnings:
  • Your A/C system doesn't cool properly.
  • The fan/blower doesn’t work when set in A/C mode.
  • Loud noises when you turn on your A/C.
  • Your vehicle stalls or idles roughly when you turn on the A/C.
  • Your vehicle runs hot or overheats when you use the A/C.
  • Some or all of the dash controls don’t work when you try to use them.
  • Your heater, top and side vents, or de-froster doesn’t work.
  • Water on your vehicle’s floor or rugs.
  • Unusual odors from interior vents.